Valiant Combi Boiler Installation – Leigh-on-sea

Reavey Heating was recently approached by a customer in Leigh-on-sea, Essex who was looking to upgrade their old standard efficiency heat-only boiler and hot water cylinder. They wanted to replace it with a more efficient combi boiler. Our team of experienced heating engineers were happy to take on the job and provide a high-quality solution to meet the customer's needs.

Replacing Old Standard Effeciany Boiler And Water Cylinder

The customer had been experiencing issues with their old boiler and hot water cylinder, which were both outdated and inefficient. They were looking for a more energy-efficient solution that would provide them with reliable heating and hot water, as well as help reduce their energy bills. After discussing their requirements and options with our team, the customer decided to go for a Valiant EcoTech efficiency combi boiler.

New Combi Boiler Installation

Our team of experienced heating engineers carried out a thorough survey of the property to ensure that the new combi boiler would be the perfect fit for the customer's needs. We then proceeded with the installation, which included the removal of the old heat-only boiler and hot water cylinder. We installed the new combi boiler and made sure that it was functioning efficiently and safely. We also installed a new thermostat and updated the controls to ensure the customer had full control of their heating system.

Testing Combi Boiler

Once the installation was complete, we conducted thorough tests and checks to ensure that the new combi boiler was functioning correctly and efficiently. We checked the pressure, flow rate, and temperature to ensure that the heating and hot water were functioning correctly. We also ensured that there were no gas leaks and that the flue was operating safely and efficiently.


The installation of the Valiant EcoTech efficiency combi boiler was a success, and the customer was very happy with the results. They now have a reliable, energy-efficient heating and hot water system that will help them save money on their energy bills. Our team at Reavey Heating was delighted to be able to provide a high-quality solution that met the customer's needs, and we are confident that the new combi boiler will provide the customer with reliable heating and hot water for many years to come.