Central Heating System Power Flushing – Epping, Essex


Reavey Heating recently completed a job in Epping, Essex where a customer was experiencing problems with their radiator system. There was a significant build-up of sludge in the system, which was causing many of the radiators on the end of the system to not get hot. We used a power flushing machine to clean the system, resulting in improved performance and energy efficiency.

Radiators Not Getting Warm

The customer had noticed that some of their radiators were not getting hot, despite the boiler appearing to be functioning normally. They had also experienced a few instances of the system making unusual noises. Upon inspection, we discovered that the system had a significant build-up of sludge, which was preventing water from flowing freely through the system. This was causing some of the radiators to not receive enough heat.

Power Flushing Central Heating System

We recommended a power flush of the system, which would remove the sludge and debris that was causing the blockages. Our team arrived at the customer's property with a power flushing machine and began the process of flushing the system. This involved connecting the machine to the system and using high-pressure water to force out the sludge and debris that had accumulated over time.

The power flush took several hours to complete, and we were able to monitor the progress using a special tool that measured the flow rate and temperature of the water. Once the flush was complete, we inspected the system again to ensure that all of the sludge and debris had been removed.


After the power flush, the customer noticed an immediate improvement in the performance of their radiator system. The radiators that had previously been cold were now getting hot, and the system was operating more quietly and efficiently. The customer also reported that their energy bills had reduced since the flush, as the system was no longer working as hard to heat the property.


Power flushing is a highly effective method of cleaning a radiator system, particularly when there is a significant build-up of sludge and debris. In this case, we were able to restore the customer's system to full working order, resulting in improved comfort and energy efficiency. If you are experiencing similar issues with your radiator system, contact Reavey Heating today to arrange a power flush.